Frequently asked Questions about Licenses

  • Do you offer lifetime licenses?
    No, we don't offer lifetime licenses. Keeping the software running is a lot of work and so we won't offer lifetime subscriptions.

  • I want to extend my license, how do I do that?
    Extending your license is as simple as buying another license for your account and activating the key in the My Licenses section.

  • I want to upgrade my license to more sessions.
    You can upgrade your license by buying a key for a license with more sessions. You can't downgrade your license to less sessions!
    Example: You currently have a single session license with 15 days left. When you activate a double license code for 30 days, you will receive 30 days of your code plus 1/2 * 15 days = 7,5 days from your current single session license.

  • I want to downgrade my license.
    Downgrading a license is not possible.
    Example: You have a double session license but want just a single session license. This is not possible.