Frequently asked Questions Bot Client

  • A Game update came out, but my bot is still running.
    In short: This is not a problem. If the bot is already logged in, it will simply use the old game version, which is safe, because thats what you can do yourself!
    For a more detailed answer check out the forum topic about it here.

  • What's the meaning of all the icons in the bot client?
    Check out the Bot GUI Explanation on our forum for a visual explanation.

  • I found a bug in your software. Where can i tell you?
    Thanks for reporting back to us! Please make sure your problem isn't listed in the Known Issues Thread already.
    If it isn't create a new topic in the bug forum category. Please give us a detailed explanation on how to re-create that bug as well as additional infos you think might be helpful to us.
    Feel free to attach bot log files as a *.zip archive in your topic. Only staff members will be able to see your attachments.