DOB Feature Overview

Box Collector

DOB collects Booty Boxes, Bonus Boxes and Cargo Boxes, with full support for gathering seasonal event boxes like Christmas Boxes and Summer Boxes.

NPC Hunter

DOB can hunt NPC’s on any map, with customizable ammo settings for each class of alien. Pick and choose the drone design you want to use when hunting, fleeing and repairing.
Currently not supported: 5-x (pirate maps), ??? (Cubikon Graveyard)

Logon, Login, Repair, Reconnect, Repeat!

DOB can auto-start when you login, allowing for a seamless botting experience with fully automated login, repair and reconnection capabilities.
When killed, the bot can automatically repair at the nearest base, port or on the spot.
Set a limit based on your current hitpoints before the bot flees and repairs.


A customizable timetabling system allows you to fully automate the entire botting process. Schedule gates, hunting and boxing with stops in between with a full 7 day calendar, hour by hour, day by day.
It’s a bot after all!

Human Behaviour

Inspired by human behaviour, DOB has been designed from the ground up to move, hunt, box, flee and interact with the game in a way that mimics a human player.

Galaxy Gates

Have DOB automatically spin and build your Galaxy Gates from extra energy it collects in boxes. Set the bot up to place them on the map, complete the gate, and go straight back to collecting boxes for an all-in-one, round the clock solution.
Currently not supported: Hades, Kronos, Kuiper, Low

Integrated Statistic System

Optimize your botting for maximum output using the in-built statistics system, with beautiful graphs that display kills, deaths and URI per hour statistics.

Fast & Lightweight

DOB is built with speed in mind. Using minimal RAM and CPU per account, DOB can run anywhere from 1 account up to hundreds of accounts on a single computer*.
* Depending on computer specifications, the amount of simultaneous accounts will vary from user to user. Your mileage may vary.

Multiple Sessions

Have more than one account to bot? Easy! DOB allows botting all your accounts in a single window. Visualize your accounts using an innovative overview screen, or drill down to see how each of your accounts is going.

P.E.T. Master

Let the bot intelligently use your PET! Depending on the gear equipped to your PET, DOB can sell cargo, gather boxes or even have it assist you in fighting.
Currently not supported: Kamikaze gear

Drone Formation & Configuration 'Stance Dance'

Set which drone formation your account uses when hunting aliens, fleeing from enemies or flying around the map. With fully customizable drone profiles for each account, DOB can use the right drone design in the right moment.

Auto Drone Repair

Don’t trust your Drone Repair CPU? DOB monitors your drone’s damages, automatically repairing them if they take too much damage.

Auto Generator Boost

Feel the Need for Speed! DOB can automatically send Promerium or Seprom from your skylab to your ship to boost your generators!

Advanced Navigation

Feeling lost? DOB never does. With pathfinding capabilities the bot determines the quickest, safest route to any map in the game whilst avoiding mines and obstacles.

No UID Lock

Use DOB with as many accounts as you’d like. The only limit in place is the amount of simultaneous accounts you can have running at any one time.

Skylab & Techlab Logic

Let DOB upgrade and expand your Skylab and Tech Center automatically.

Background Packet Bot

DOB is built on secure and safe packet bot technology, letting you bot in the background without locking up your screen, mouse or keyboard.

Supported Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.

Graphical User Interface

Minimalistic GUI with a focus on easy and efficient everyday use.

Auto Ammo Restock

Who needs Ammo or Rocket CPUs if you have AI? DOB will restock your laser and rocket ammo when you’re running low!

Fast Update Cycle

Lightning fast update times. v5dev work around the clock to ensure you get a safe and updated bot as soon as possible after a game client update. With a high priority on safety, bot update times depend on the amount of changes included in each game update. Update times will vary.
Active licenses get downtime compensation.

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